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Cush it to the Limit was founded in 2017 by 19-year old Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma patient Ben Cushing and friends Ben Stevenson, Cole Nason and Jeffrey Gross. Ben knew their efforts would not make a difference to his outcome, but he wanted to bring hope to other HSTCL patients and their families. In 2019 we became a 501c3 and solidified our partnership with UW Medicine and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to fund innovative research in t-cell lymphoma. Our hope is that the cutting-edge work we fund will lead to improved treatment options for patients, and one day, a cure.


Our Team of Volunteers

Kathryn Stevenson

After a career at Microsoft and 8-years as a high-tech consultant, Kathryn now directs the day-to-day strategy and operations of CITTL and manages our partnership with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and UW Medicine.

Alison Cushing

Alison was a child life specialist for pediatric cancer patients many years before her own son was faced with a devastating diagnosis. She never imagined she’d need to use all her skills of helping young people cope with the challenges of hospitalization, illness, and disability to help her 19-year-old son through his 9-month ordeal. Today, Alison is a co-director and spiritual head of the work we do.

Ben Stevenson

Ben and Ben were close childhood friends and confidants when Ben Cushing was diagnosed with HSTCL during his freshman year of college at Washington State University. Together with Jeffrey Gross and Cole Nason, the four freshmen (from a variety of colleges) founded Cush it to the Limit. Ben S. uses his love of communications to manage our social media presence and to co-lead all communications efforts. Ben works in software sales at Skilljar in Seattle, WA.

Cole Nason

Like Ben S and Jeffrey, Cole and Ben were close childhood friends. Cole took off the 2nd semester of his freshman year at college to hang with Ben during the latter’s chemo treatments, lending him the support Ben showed Cole when he lost his own father to non-smoking lung cancer. Cole assists with many CITTL communications and activities. He is currently in software sales for Pitch Book in Seattle.

Jeffrey Gross

Jeffrey and Ben met in kindergarten and remained close friends throughout Ben’s short life. That friendship along with Ben S and Cole, led to the co-founding of CITTL. Jeffrey assists with many communications and activities. He is currently in software sales for Amperity in Seattle.

Danica Scott

Cush it to the Limit is exceedingly grateful to have the marketing and communications guidance of Danica Scott, Marketing Director at SanMar Canada. Danica helps to write, design and advise on all manner of communications projects and always gives way more than we could ever reasonably expect. We could not be more grateful for Danica’s commitment to our mission.

Kristal Albertson

Kristal brings her passion for efficiency, creativity, brand awareness and leadership to help guide the strategy and deliverables for CITTL. She is President of SanMar Canada and her passion for our mission has rubbed off on several of her colleagues who gladly step in from time to time to assist with activities.

Debi Nordstrom

A passionate Washington State University Coug (like Ben C) and the Owner/Manager of Nordstrom Virtual Office for Finance and Accounting, Debi combines her skill with numbers and her “Coug” passion to help us maintain our financial health.

Kara Haugen

Kara Haugen is a medical data analyst with both the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and the Kaiser Foundation. She was also Ben’s aunt. She blends her medical data expertise and love of Ben Cushing and family to help us manage our data needs, advise on medical issues, and run particularly prickly projects.

Shane Morgan

With over 20 years of tech experience background, Shane keeps our web presence up to date and afloat by developing website content, as well as managing our hosting services. He is currently the UI/UX manager at SanMar Canada.

And so many more...

There are countless others who help us manage activities and events, especially our annual Big Cat Golf Scramble which requires a team of committed volunteers. We could not do what we do without their steadfast support and day to day assistance. We’d like to shout out to: Amy Schmid, Kim Hess, Deborah Gross, Don Hess, Dave Scholz, and Elaine Benveniste.

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